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Progressive plan-design-build
Wouldn’t you want a single source of accountability to help you plan-design-build the most profit-efficient facility at the lowest total cost of ownership? A Project Executive is your point person through all stages of your project; their duty is to take your project from start to finish and be that single point through which everything flows.

The progressive plan-design-build approach enables you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like, providing you with a single source to plan for a facility that supports your business goals.


You are likely considering an addition, renovation, or new development, and the planning stage may start with figuring out which way to go. The real-estate market, your speed to market, and your growth’s scale and complexity impact these decisions. You will receive the critical information to help you make informed decisions early.

Next, we determine how to maximize throughput by choosing the optimal ways of equipping and operating the facility for your production, whether food processing or material handling. Then review and select refrigeration systems or cooling services that best serve the facility, production needs, operational costs, and maintenance objectives.

At the end of the planning stage, you receive pragmatic preliminary plans, a project schedule, and a budget to support your business case and help you make sound decisions.

types of manufacturing layout design


The next step is to minimize the total cost of ownership, get timely permits and regulatory approvals, and procure the best value equipment, materials, and labor to execute the build-out.

High-quality design performed by a team who intimately knows these types of facilities yield a pragmatic tendering package that is properly detailed. Moreover, it enables the procurement of the sharpest, most inclusive pricing so that costs are minimized and controlled during the build-out.

types of manufacturing layout build


We go to market with a well-executed design package and seek the best value on all scopes of work. The best value includes the full scope of requirements and the reliable, quality installation in line with the schedule.

When the build begins, we are onsite to manage every aspect of the day-to-day, constantly looking ahead and planning for the next parts of construction. Health and safety is a significant component, ensuring that everyone on site is conducting themselves and their work safely and ensuring the safety of others.

Regular progress meetings with budget and schedule updates are consistently delivered. Finally, we hand over the facility fully commissioned and functioning, and your staff trained on components of the facility they will maintain and operate.

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